Each of them shared photos together in the studio.

On top of recently getting in the booth with Top Dawg’s SZA, “Girls Need Love” star Summer Walker is already in there again. This time, though, with a different R&B sensation in Omarion.Relatively quiet since the release of critically hailed Over It back in 2019, that much can truly only be said from a music standpoint. The singer has often been outspoken on social media, especially last year through the dawn of COVID. Nevertheless, opinions and talent are luckily simple to navigate between, and seeing the three of these work together is bound to lead to good results.As far as the other artists are concerned, Omarion recently announced the Millenium Tour with Bow Wow, the Ying Yang Twins, Soulja Boy and what seems to be every beloved, niche favorite from the mid-2000s.Somehow, even more exciting than a tour featuring all those nostalgia-inducing names, SZA is set to reveal material from her upcoming album at a virtual music event on July 1. While the album is unnamed, it is set to be released this year, leaving fans in a daze regarding what’s to come.But, when it comes to these artists working together, fans on Twitter are beyond excited to see the results to come. Some for different reasons than others, let’s just say.