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Anuel AA & Ozuna – Los Dioses

Published By Kez| | 06 Dec 2022 | 5:15 am | 0

Anuel AA & Ozuna – Los Dioses

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Ozuna & Anuel AA comes through with yet another new song titled “Los Dioses”.

About Ozuna, Juan Carlos Ozuna Rosado, known simply by his surname Ozuna, is a Dominican-Puerto Rican reggaeton and Latin trap singer. All of his studio albums have reached the top of the Billboard Top Latin Albums, with Aura charting at number seven on the Billboard 200. Naijafindmp3

Anuel AA & Ozuna – Los Dioses LYRICS 

[Intro: Anuel AA & Ozuna ]
Brr, huh?
I want to take advantage of this moment, from the bottom of my heart to
say that I apologize … absolutely to no one!
We ‘are’ Los Diose ‘! ( Krr, hanbeon deo! )
The ‘untouchable’, you hear you bastard?
Woh-oh (Brr)
Real to death
Woh-oh, oh, oh (Ah?)
Brr (Brr)
The Diose ‘!

[Pre-Chorus: Anuel AA, Ozuna & Ñengo Flow ]
Don’t call me ‘, that’ I’m in the Bugatti
To’a mis puta ‘are Perry as Katy (Yeah;
A failure and we charge you ‘the penalty (Brr; I, Poppy )
In my combo, I give you grati cuts’ (Ah ?; Geniuz )

[Chorus: Anuel AA & Ozuna , Both ]
In the Bugatti or in the Lambo ( In the Lambo)
Andamo ‘to’a the registration, always in the movie
Cabrón, you no no’ see ‘ (Cabrón, you no you do not’ see ‘)
The waste was e’ ridiculous, you bastard, you no no ‘see’
In the Bugatti or Lambo (in the Lambo)
Andamo ‘with to’a tuition provided in the film
Motherfucker, you do not’ see ‘ (you do not’ see ‘, woh-oh, woh-oh )
the gastaera e ‘ridiculous, bastard, you no no’go ‘ (Brr)
Yeah huh huh
[Verse 1: Ozuna & Anuel AA ]
A lot ‘they work to see me say’ what to go down ( Ah ?; Say ‘to go down)
I can die four times’ and a thousand I will always be there ( Amen )
I don’t know what happens, I I keep going up
The Bugatti, the Ferra and the Enzo ( Brr )
You ‘already know, you bastard’, don’t be menso ‘( Brr )
Eh, what do you want’ me to do?
The Diose ‘came out, hold the saga ( Los Diose’ )
The street is’ pa ‘man’
Tell me who are you ‘, not who are your pana’, eh ( Haha )
With the connection Colombia, PR, RD ( Ah? )
I own mine, a billion flow Dr. Dre

[Verse 2: Anuel AA]
I am Dio level ‘
Anuel was imprisoned, I am a fuckin’ robbery (Fuckin robbery ‘)
The money made me sick
I do not have the flu, You bastard, what I have is to ‘
Cotto (Brr), the toto rains on me’ (Brr)
I’ll take a hundred thousand for LA, so when I ‘federate’ they shoot me a photo ‘(Brr; uy)
My children’, what He gave ‘keep them
for me Because in PR I have more power than the governor and than all’ the ‘mayor’ (Haha; ah!)
Piglet, your Christmas is here ‘, and I have the rod
I made the society’ Illuminati look (Illuminati)
And you are ‘a clown who never paints’ your face, brr!
[Chorus: Ozuna & Anuel AA , Both ]
From Santurce to Cataño
In the Bugatti or in the Lambo ( In the Lambo )
Andamo ‘with all the license plates, always in the movie
Cabrón, you don’t’ see ‘( Cabrón, you no you don’t ‘see’ )
She was ridiculous, you bastard, you no you don’t ‘see’
In the Bugatti or in the Lambo ( In the Lambo )
Andamo ‘to’a the license plate, always in the movie
Cabrón, you no no ‘go’ ( Bastard, you don’t not ‘see’ ; eh) It was
ridiculous, you bastard, you don’t not ‘see’ (Eh,eh)
In the Bugatti or in the Lambo

[Verse 3: Ozuna &Anuel AA ]
Okay, Bin Laden-style terrorism
You have ‘flow, bastard, I have pare’
The babie ‘want to drink from my lean, eh
The gods’, the king’
The money here has no end (Eh-eh- eh)
Doing business ‘already with Carlo’ Slim, yeh
Let us see (Eh-eh) It is
not the same to have one to love, hey (To love one)
Put me a poster, the ‘goat horns’ we are going to turn on, hey I
dressed ‘in red, the House’ and Paper
You ‘to’ know my level
Flow John Cena, they can’t see me ( Brr )
They say that so-and-so does not have to talk shit to ‘hit all his songs’ ( ¿ Ah? )
Well, I do, so stick to your mother with your ‘opinion’ ( Brr )
I didn’t even want to sing, I was going to retire
But the moment was’ perfect to turn ( To turn )
Something controversial was needed
There is a void Without me, it won’t fill up ( Ah? )
They can stab me from the back ( Brr )
The ‘number’ can be manipulated ( Ah? )
But I’m bookea’o for two ‘year’, a concert of mine now You can’t even search ( Haha )
The money is not faithful,I am not Abel
I live at war with Lucifer ( Brr)
And if I go back to prison, history repeats, everyone will be shouting “Free Anuel” ( Brr )
[Chorus: Anuel AA & Ozuna , Both ]
From Carolina to Bayamón in the Bugatti or in the Lambo (In the Lambo)
Andamo ‘to’a registration, always in the movie
Cabrón, you no no’ see ‘ ( Cabrón, you no no ‘see’ )
She was ridiculous, you bastard, you no no ‘see’ ( Eh-eh )
In the Bugatti or in the Lambo (In the Lambo)
Andamo ‘with all the license plates, always in the movie
You bastard, you don’t not ‘see’ (Bastard, you don’t not ‘see’) It was
ridiculous, bastard, you don’t not ‘see’ (Brr)

[Outro: Anuel AA]
Real until death
, Ah?
The Diose ‘, did you hear you bastard?
You ‘think that we’ are ‘human’, hahaha
(Brr, huh?)
The reyes ‘and the gods’ of the trap
(Ah, ah?)

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